DOMFIL is the post-grad section within Consensus which in turn is the student union organising all students at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Linköping University. On these pages we gather information and material that may be useful for PhD-students and licentiate students active within the faculty, as well as activities organised by DOMFIL.

Some of the main activities of DOMFIL are listed below, but we also want your opinion on what DOMFIL should be!

  • Overseeing the quality of the doctoral studies given at the faculty of Health Sciences at Linköping University
  • Appointing representatives that participate in boards and committees within the university.
  • Looking after social needs and promoting unity amongst post-grad students.
  • Arranging academic events, such as “HU Research Symposium”.
  • Arranging social events, for example, a Nobel Prize party.

To enjoy the benefits provided by DOMFIL, join by paying the semester fee (for Consensus) here.

Organisation of LiU
A short description of the organisation of  LiU and the function of the different boards can be found in this document: Organisation LiU (in Swedish).

The salaries of PhD students at LiU are listed in this document (monthly salaries, SEK).

The requirements are 30 credits for a doctoral degree (previously 33 credits, or 38 credits for those who worked with laboratory animals) and 18 credits for a licentiate degree (previously 18 credits, or 23 credits for those who worked with laboratory animals).

Courses can be found at other faculties at Linköping University, unfortunately they are not gathered in one website. You are free to apply for courses at other universities with the approval of your supervisor. FUN will financially support courses that can’t be found at LiU, both tuition fees, travel, accommodation and travel expenses are partly paid for by FUN. Information for other financial support can also be obtained from LiUs Grants office.

Important links:
General information on PhD studies         

Further information
Universitets- och högskolerådet is an information resource for current doctoral students or students considering to study for a doctoral degree in Sweden. The site is administered by the Swedish council for higher education. Here you will find practical information regarding for example the education, rights, support, financing and rules.

Working hours and vacation
As a PhD you don’t have any regulated work hours. This means that you are not obliged to report when and how much you work, unless you have some agreement with your supervisor. This means you can use your time as it suits you. But as a PhD-student it is easy to work overtime especially during a lab intensive period. It might be a good idea to keep some kind of notes about the time you worked so that you have an idea about your workload.

You are also entitled to at least 4 weeks of vacation during June-august, of these at least three should be without interruption. The total amount of days you are entitled to are found here.