December 3rd 2020:

“How to Manage Stress and Make Room for Happiness and Health!” – Jan Tern

We have invited speaker Jan Tern to teach us how to manage your stress and make room for happiness and health!

Our speaker, Jan Tern a.k.a “The Stress Exit Man” is one of only three Swedish people who has earned the highest designated certification (CSP) in the Speaking industry. Most of us experience stress, some occasionally, some almost constantly. To much stress affects your creativity, logic, recovery and many more vital functions in a negative way. Do you want to learn how to minimize your stress? If so, sign up for this event where you will learn:
– What is stress
– How stress affects your body and mind (both in a positive and a negative way)
– The modern formula for stress and how you can benefit from it
– How to manage stress: quick fixes
– How to manage stress: longterm

Invest one hour in yourself and your career and learn how to handle and manage stress! 

Jan has written nine books on health, stress and mindset. He has also been responsible for developing wellbeing for the Volvo Group. His background in education, combined with concrete advice based on research, best practices and out of the box thinking has made him one of Sweden’s most engaging lecturers in the field of stress.

If you did not yet receive a zoom link, please contact us and we will provide you with one!