General questions

Who are we?
DOMFIL is the post-grad section within Consensus which in turn is the student union organising all students at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Linköping University

What do we do?

  • Overseeing the quality of the doctoral studies given at the faculty of Health Sciences at Linköping University
  • Appointing representatives that participate in boards and committees within the university.
  • Looking after social needs and promoting unity amongst post-grad students.
  • Arranging academic events, such as “HU Research Symposium”.
  • Arranging social events, for example, a Nobel Prize party.

What are the goals of DOMFIL?
We want to make the university a better place for PhD-students within the field of health science as well as create a social platform for all of us to interact, network and meet each other.

What does DOMFIL stand for?
Doktorandföreningen vid Medicinska Fakulteten I Linköping (The post-graduate section at the medical faculty in Linköping)


Why should you become a member of DOMFIL?

  • To make the medical faculty at the university a better place for PhD-students.
  • To go to member exclusive events and enjoy other social events for free or at a lower cost.
  • To be able to rent from our inventory
  • To network and meet other PhD-students!

Who can become a DOMFIL member?

If you are working as one of the following at the medical faculty at Linköping university.

  • PhD-student
  • Research engineer
  • Research assistant
  • If admitted to the pre-research course at full-time, covering at least 15 credits. 

How do you become a member?
Joining DOMFIL means paying Consensus student union fee, which costs 190kr per one semester or 360kr for two semesters.

Become a member here. Fill in 1. One or two semesters 2. Your personal number, 3. Your personal information 4. Select “Doktorandsektionen DOMFIL”, 5. Pay, 6. Enjoy!

Social Activities

What social activities do we organize?
We arrange many different types of social activities. Once a year we arrange a Nobel dinner together with LiU PhD (the post-graduate association of the technical faculty) for PhD-students. Apart from this we arrange a monthly breakfast, a yearly BBQ in the spring, a kick-off event at the end of the summer as well as several after-works and/or game-nights throughout the year.

We are glad to hear more suggestions of social activities. If you would like to suggest something, please let us know by mailing the board.

How to keep up to date with social activities?
Check our social channels! 
Or have a look in our calendar on the website under the “events” tab. 


What meetings are we doing?
We arrange section meetings every year. Every member is welcomed to join these meetings and has the right to vote and participate in discussions regarding by-laws that help us as an organization to make the university a better place for PhD-students. Please have a look in the calendar to find out when our next section meeting will take place.

How many Section meetings are we doing?
There is two section meetings each year (one in the spring and one in the autumn). In some special cases we may organize extra section meetings that are announced well in advance.

Can you join our section meetings?
Yes you can join our section meetings! As a member you also have the right to vote in decisions regarding our by-laws. 

Renting items

What items can I rent?
Have a look under our tab for renting items here.

How do you rent the ceremony hats?
If you are interested in renting any items, please contact our treasurer by sending an email to Meanwhile you can have a look at the rental contract here.

Is there a deposit?
Yes, the deposition cost for renting any item is 500 SEK. 


What is HURS?
Every year DOMFIL arranges a research symposium called HURS (previously called ‘Health University Research Symposium`). The purpose of HURS is to bring forward the medical research conducted in Linköping and elsewhere, to inspire PhD students, research assistants/engineers and research scholarship students to better research and at the same time create a platform for meetings between industry, students and researchers. Usually, invited speakers as well as PhD-students give presentations throughout the day while there is also a company fair where everyone at the medical faculty gets a chance to network and meet invited companies.

How is DOMFIL related to HURS?
DOMFIL has been the organizer of HURS for many years.

Do you want to help organize HURS?
Please contact the board or send an email to to help organizing this event. Apart from the great experience as well as the ability to network with all major companies in the life-science field, you also get many benefits such as joining the banquet completely for free!

When is the next HURS?
HURS is normally organized in the spring each year. Have a look in our HURS tab for more information regarding HURS.

Board member

Why should you join the board?
Joining the board is an excellent way of making a change. It is in essence the board that makes sure that our members voices get heard by the whole organization at Linköping University. You will also be free to decide as well as organize the DOMFIL social events, take part of exclusive board member social events, experience how it is to run an organization, and last but not least, share this experience with other board members and have a great time together!

How to join the board?
If you are interested in joining the board, please let us know by emailing
Are you interested in learning more about a specific position in the board? Feel free to send us your questions by emailing any board member. Email addresses are found here.

Still have questions?

More information can be found here. Also please feel welcome to Mail anyone in the board.