You have to be a member in order to be able to rent an item from DOMFIL’s inventory. Information on how to become a member can be found here.

The standard rental period for these items is 1 week, but this is very flexible if discussed prior to renting the items. Failure to return any of the rentable objects within the decided time period, without previous notice, will result in DOMFIL keeping the deposition. More information can be found in the rental contract here.

Doctor’s hats
Domfil has 10 doctor’s hats that are available for members to rent.
Hat rental costs 400 kr and also requires a deposition cost of 500 kr.
This is to ensure that the hats are returned to us on time and in good condition. Please see further below on this page for how to rent the hats.

Sound system
DOMFIL has a sound system that DOMFIL members are able to rent.
Renting the sound system costs 700 kr and requires a deposition cost of 500 kr.
Be mindful to return ALL the various pieces of the sound system. If, for example, a set of wires are missing, that will result in the deposition cost not being returned.

Party tent
DOMFIL has a big, outdoor party tent. This tent is primarily used for DOMFIL:s own outdoor events, but is available for members to rent.
The party tent costs 400 kr to rent and also has a required deposition cost of 500kr, that will be returned to the renter assuming all the pieces of the tent is returned whole and in a timely manner.

How to rent
If you are interested in renting hats, please fill in the following form. For any of the other items, please contact us through