The deadline for signing up to the scientific paper award has passed

During HURS, we present two papers from LiU PhD students that have been comissioned as the best papers of the year by a jury.

Have you published any articles in 2020? Nominations for the Best Scientific Paper award is open now!

Nominate yourself or a fellow PhD-student by sending an email to
All papers are blinded by Domfil and sent to an independent jury.

Please provide the name and email adress of the nominee and attach a copy of the paper nominated as entry (preferably PDF).

The deadline for sending in papers is the 12th of March!

Rules for the competition:
§1. Participants can be nominated or may nominate their own work as an entry.
§2. All participants who enter the competition must be registered PhD-students at one of the following departments: BKV, HMV, IMT.
§3. The entry must have been published or accepted as a final manuscript in the year leading up to HURS.
§4. The entry must have been published during the participant´s time as a registered PhD-student, neither before nor after.
§5. The PhD-student who is nominated, or has nominated themselves, must be first author of the paper. Shared first authorship is acceptable.
§6. The entry should be composed of original research, and therefore cannot be a review paper.
§7. Each nomination submitted to the competition must come with a short report detailing the PhD-student´s personal contributions to the project/paper, as well as a statement on the impact of their work on the field. Maximum length of one A4 page.

The winners will be notified on the 2nd of April and will be asked to present their work in a short-talk on HURS on the 28th of April. Two winners will be appointed and the first and second prize will be 5000 kr and 3000 kr each.