9:00-9:45 in Valeriana

Antonios Pantazis is Associate Professor at Linköping University. What’s exciting about the proteins that control excitability? Our bodies are “wet computers”, utilizing electrical signals to mediate nerve function, a regular heart rhythm, muscle contraction and other physiological functions. Voltage-gated ion channels are fascinating macromolecules that span the cell membrane and, upon receipt of an electrical signal, allow specific ions to cross into or out of the cell. By controlling ionic conduction, ion channels govern cellular excitability; that is, the ability of a cell to generate, and respond to, electrical signals. Antonios Pantazis research group combines innovative electro-physiological, optical and computational approaches to investigate how the intricate molecular architecture of ion channels relates to their function and regulation; and how ion channel function or dysfunction governs cellular excitability in health and disease.

11:15-12:00 in Valeriana

Daniel Wilhelms is Principal investigator of the Emergency Medicine Research Center (EMRC) and was awarded the Region Östergötland’s new research prize 2023, being the first to receive the prize. EMRCs goal is to improve the care of acutely ill patients, for example through the development of new methods for prioritization, risk stratification and advanced prognostic models. The research and development spans through a wide range of projects, from basic physiology to national studies on patient flows and outcomes in emergency care. Daniel was awarded the prize with the motivation that he during a short time has become a successful research leader at the interface between healthcare, basic research and technology, while at the same time taking an active leadership role in the academicization of emergency healthcare. Daniel Wilhelm’s research is potentially of great benefit to the over two million patients who seek an emergency department in Sweden every year.

13:00-13:45 in Valeriana

Andrew Hennigan is a Lecturer, Speaker Coach and Writer based in Stockholm, Sweden. As a lecturer he speaks in universities, business schools, government departments and companies about topics related to influencing other people – persuasive speaking, effective writing, strategic networking, how to sell ideas and how to present disruptive ideas effectively. As a coach/mentor he covers the same fields, focusing on speaking effectively with the least effort and in guiding startup founders. In addition, he is a pro bono speaker coach for TEDxStockholm where he also heads the speaker team and was a member of the board 2020-2023. As a writer he has written a book about networking and works as a freelance journalist and a writer for hire, writing posts, articles and even books for busy people.

15:15-16:00 in Valeriana

Christine Räisänen is Professor Emerita of Organisation and Communication at the Dept. of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. Her research interests are organisation studies, leadership, project management, cross-cultural and cross-professional multimodal interaction and communication, work-life balance, and gender studies. Her background is in literary theory and applied linguistics (genre studies). She has published book chapters and research articles in a variety of fields. She has guest-edited several special issues in international journals (Construction Management and Economics and Scandinavian Journal of Management) and is co-editor of the book ESP in European Higher Education. She has developed and taught a wide number of specialized academic and professional writing courses and leadership courses at undergraduate and PhD levels, nationally and internationally. She has also run supervision courses for research staff and has trained as a professional coach.