Recently (2021), Linköping University has decided to introduce electronic individual study plans (eISP). PhD-students with the older versions as well as newly accepted PhD-students all need to make an eISP.

Some have experienced that filling out this document can be challenging, especially for newly admitted students. Below are therefore some links to pages with useful documents that can aid in this process. 

  • Website for finding your eISP:
  • Here you can find instructions on how to fill in the different fields, open the eISP on the webpage and how to edit the eISP. There is an instructive document for you as PhD-student as well as your supervisor.
  • Here you can find a document on how to fill in the eISP and what to fill in where.
  • Here is a document to aid in filling out the PhD-degree objectives in the latter part of the eISP (this document may not be up to date and can also be found in the above-mentioned document on this page).