DOMFIL Events – Save the Dates!

Exciting DOMFIL social and educational events are coming up! As always, you can find more information on our facebook page and events calendar!

DOMFIL AfterWorks
DOMFIL organizes its own AfterWorks, where members receive a 60SEK voucher which can be spend on food and/or drinks. Our AfterWorks take place monthly on Wednesday starting at 18.00, at The Horse and Hound in central Linköping. You can find exact dates long in advance on the DOMFIL events calendar!

Additionally, AfterWorks organized by LiUPhD are now open to DOMFIL members! You can find more information about LiUPhD AfterWorks on their Facebook page.

DOMFIL Nobel Banquet
Can’t help but be a bit jealous of the lavish banquet that Nobel Prize winners enjoy? DOMFIL may not offer Nobel Prizes, but we do organize our own Nobel Banquet for the occasion! We will host a very classy dinner for our members on the 10th of December, 2016. More details will follow.

Health University Research Symposium (HURS)
HURS is a great platform where students, researchers are industry meet. With top scientists presenting their work and top companies showing off their latest innovations, everyone is sure to walk away from this with bright new ideas to apply in your own studies! HURS will be held on the 24th of March 2017. Details about speakers, companies, and how you can get involved with your own abstracts will follow!

Call for representatives
We in the DOMFIL board are now looking for you! We are in need of PhDs that want to make an influence for yourself and other PhDs, and also get paid extra (in some positions). You only need to be able to go to a couple of meetings per semester and represent the PhDs of the Medical faculty. The subject of the meetings depends on the type of committee you are interested in. For more information contact our Vice Chairman or visit the webdoc for information and to apply here.