The DOMFIL board of 2016/2017 consists of:

Chairman: Anik Islam

I am currently a PhD student in cardiovascular medicine (KVM) at the Institution of Medical and Health Sciences (IMH), working with the inflammatory status of coronary artery disease (CAD) patients. I have been at LiU for the past 6 years both as a student and employee. With my experience at LiU, I hope to implement changes that will benefit your PhD studies and your employment here.

As chairman of DOMFIL, it is my responsibility to oversee that the operational plan is fulfilled and ensure that the PhD students’ interests are considered and protected at the medical faculty. This is done together with all board members and the representatives at different sections/committees within the faculty. Any questions that may arise regarding your PhD studies are warmly welcomed, and can be asked directly to me or anyone else in the board.

Vice-Chairman: Anna Asratian

Treasurer: Maite Casado

After finishing my education in Spain, where I am from, I came to Sweden in November of 2015 as preparatory research student at LiU. Currently, I am a new PhD student at the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Division of Surgery in the Institution of Medical and Health Sciences (IMH). I am studying the neuroimmune regulation of intestinal mucosa barrier function to bacteria in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). As a new PhD student at LiU, I hope to detect and improve possible scarcities in the PhD studies.

As treasurer, I manage DOMFIL’s economic assets, including both renting and bookings. It is also my responsibility to inform the board about the economic situation and make sure that the board sticks to the proposed budget.

Education Officer: Karin Wåhlén

I am a PhD student at Pain and Rehabilitation Centre, PAINOMICS® Laboratory, belonging to the County Council of Östergötland (RÖ) and the Institution of Medical and Health Sciences (IMH). As a PhD student I work with proteomics in combination with multivariate statistics to find biomarkers for patients suffering from different pain conditions. I’ve completed both my Bachelor and Master degree at LiU and since 2014 been employed by RÖ as a research engineer.

As the Educational Supervisor it is my responsibility to convey the opinions and suggestions from the PhD students to the relevant organizations at the Medical Faculty, primarily the research and studies board (FUN). I also work closely with DOMFIL’s all student representatives within the different boards. Further, it is my responsibility to summarize and present your opinions from the PhD survey we send out each spring. Should you have any suggestions or opinions to improve the program and/or courses within the PhD program, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Communications Officer: Arjan Mofers

I am a PhD student in onco-pharcamacology at the Institute of Medical and Health Sciences (IMH). I work primarily on the analysis of novel inhibitors of the proteasome system for the treatment of solid- and blood malignancies. I started my PhD at LiU in December 2015, after studying for my Bachelor and Master at the University of Maastricht in my home country of the Netherlands.

As communications officer it is my primary responsibility to inform members and non-members of the goals and activities of DOMFIL. I maintain the website and facilitate most of the communication between the DOMFIL board and our members as well as third parties.

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